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    Please be aware that the doctors operating at the Medical Centre employ a mixed billing approach, with each practitioner independently setting their fees following your consultation.
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    At Nillumbik Medical Centre, there is a whole range of doctors and allied health professionals to assist you along your health journey.
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A concerned mother checking her young daughter's temperature, who is resting on a couch, with a thermometer and notepad nearby.
Compassionate female doctor in a protective mask and gown holding a patient's hand, offering comfort and reassurance in a clinic setting.

Welcome to Nillumbik Medical Centre, in Eltham.

At Nillumbik Medical Centre, your doctor offers a wide range of healthcare services tailored to meet your individual needs.

Your doctor understands that every client’s circumstances are different and aim to make accessing GPs and specialists at Nillumbik Medical Centre as easy as possible.

  • Personalised Healthcare Approach: At Nillumbik Medical Centre, you are at the heart of your doctors healthcare delivery.
  • Comprehensive Medical Expertise: Your doctor brings together top-tier medical expertise and cutting-edge healthcare practices.
  • Efficient and Compassionate Care: Understanding the importance of timely care, your doctor ensures their patients receive prompt and effective treatment.

Nillumbik Medical Centre is a private practice. Gap payment may be required for services.BOOK APPOINTMENT


      Booking an appointment with a dietitian at the centre can be a transformative step towards improving your health and well-being.


      Explore our Repeat Script Service, designed for convenient medication continuity, subject to eligibility as assessed by our doctors.


      Before you go overseas find out what travel medicines, travel vaccinations, and other preventative measures are needed.


      Personalised women’s health care no matter what stage of life you’re in. Nillumbik Medical Centre’s women’s health care is second to none.

Modern. Caring. Dependable.

From general medical to specialised care, at Nillumbik Medical Centre your doctor prides themselves on providing comprehensive, caring, and dependable medical and well-being solutions for you and your family.

  • after hours services
  • walk-ins
  • online bookings
  • $30 repeat scripts
  • pathology on site
  • home visits and
  • telehealth and face-to-face appointments
  • an automated reminder system to keep your well-being on track.

Specialist consultations available:

  • telehealth and face-to-face appointments.

Building relationships with individuals and families and providing a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment that prioritises exceptional health care is the top priority at Nillumbik Medical Centre.

The receptionists, GPs, and specialists at the Centre are warm, accessible, and always prepared to listen attentively to your needs.

Family of four holding hands and walking through a pine forest, with two children playing and a man and a woman smiling joyfully.
Middle-aged white female doctor on the phone at her desk
Nillumbik Medical Centre centre and sign

Our story

Nillumbik Medical Centre in Eltham

Based in the heart of Eltham, Nillumbik Medical Centre is convenient to get to and easy to find your way around. The centre offers free accessible parking, wheelchair access, baby change facilities, braille signage, practitioners who speak a range of languages, and all modern facilities.

Elderly man with a middle aged female doctor with a blood pressure sleeve laid on the table between them.
Two parents with two children, dressed in red, walking in the countryside. The father is pushing one toddler on a bike and the mother is carrying the other.

New patients welcome

New to the area or just looking for health care that feels like the right fit?

We welcome new patients to Nillumbik Medical Centre and look forward to meeting you. Give us a call on 03 9430 8888, or save time at your first appointment by downloading a New Patient Form.

Complete the form and email it to us, or simply print the form out and bring it with you for your first appointment.

A male and a female parents, with a toddler in a pram, walking on a country road.
A young family consisting of a father, mother and two small children, cuddling on a couch in a mid-shot.

Looking for personalised health care and peace of mind?

We’ve got you covered at Nillumbik Medical Centre.

For top-quality care and medical services that put your health firmly front and centre, contact us or see clinic services for more information.


GPs and Specialists at Nillumbik Medical Centre

GPs, specialists, and staff at Nillumbik Medical Centre pride themselves on providing quality, patient-centred, evidence-based, health care services to the local community.

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