Nillumbik Medical Centre fees

At Nillumbik Medical Centre Eltham we aim to please.

By minimising wait times and prioritising consultations. We are a private billing clinic, which means your GP or specialist will determine the cost of your consult on the day. For more information regarding Nillumbik Medical Centre fees, read on …

  • Updated Service Fee Approach: At Nillumbik Medical Centre Eltham, a $30 fully private fee is now in place for repeat prescriptions. This aligns with the flexible billing system, which offers both standard and reduced rates, ensuring healthcare is accessible and fair for all patients, regardless of their financial situation.
  • Transparent Billing Practices: The clinic functions under a private billing model, promoting transparency and clear communication regarding healthcare costs. Each GP or allied health professional is equipped to offer a comprehensive breakdown of fees during your visit, ensuring you have a thorough understanding and reassurance about the costs involved.
  • Minimised Wait, Maximised Care: We are committed to reducing wait times and enhancing the efficiency of the consultations. This commitment means more time focused on your health needs, ensuring a thorough and attentive healthcare experience.

Medical Centre Fees Table

Type of AppointmentFeeMedicare RebateOut of Pocket
Standard Appointment$94.00$41.40$52.60
Reduced Fee-Standard Appt$71.20$41.40$29.80
Long Appointment$155.00$80.10$74.90
Prolonged Appointment$210.00$118.00$92.00
Weekend/Evening-Standard Appointment$114.00$41.40$72.60
Weekend/Evening-Long Appointment$181.00$80.10$100.90
Weekend/Evening-Prolonged Appointment$239.00$118.00$121.00

How does the Medicare rebate work at the centre?

Depending on the service you access, you may receive a Medicare rebate.

However, there is no bulk billing after 6 pm weekdays at the centre or for weekend appointments, including children’s appointments.

Children three years and under are bulk billed at all other times. Children three years and over incur a fee. Health Care Card holders and pensioners receive a discounted rate, but will still incur an out-of-pocket fee.

Common Nillumbik Medical Centre fees are listed in the Fees Table above along with the Medicare rebate and out-of-pocket expenses. The receptionists can process your Medicare rebate at the time of payment so that it lands in your nominated bank account within 48 hours.

  • Have Questions About Nillumbik Medical Centre Fees?

    Reach out to us and connect with the welcoming reception team, who are ready to assist you in understanding the fees applicable to your upcoming visit.

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What are Medicare Safety Nets?

Understanding Your Medicare Benefits

Medicare Safety Nets help lower your out-of-pocket medical costs for out-of-hospital services. The safety nets are aimed at assisting those who see a GP or get tests done regularly.

What are out-of-pocket costs?

Navigating Your Healthcare Expenses

Out-of-pocket costs include the cost of seeing a GP or specialist and for some tests and scans, like blood tests and CT scans. Check out our chart below to see how the system works.

Walk in Presentation Fees

Walk-In Presentations Fee Structure

Please note all walk in presentations (non booked appointments) for all patients will incur a fee, this includes children of all ages.

Fee for a repeat script

Streamlined Prescription Process

At Nillumbik Medical Centre, the GPs provide repeat scripts for $30, ensuring you get the medical treatment you need, when you need it, from your own doctor. This service is available via the booking system. Contact the clinic directly for more information.

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How the Medicare Rebates Work

At Nillumbik Medical Centre Eltham, consultation fees are determined by the time and complexity of your visit and are payable on the day.

These fees may be partially offset by Medicare Rebates. Your final out-of-pocket cost is the initial fee minus any Medicare rebate you receive.



The service your GP provided

Each medical service is designated an item number. The complexity of your visit determines the item numbers billed.

For clarity on item numbers on your invoice, our reception team is here to assist you.



What the service will cost you

Consultation fees are set by your GP and are payable on the day of your visit.

The total cost reflects the comprehensive care provided. Your final out-of-pocket expense includes the fee minus your Medicare rebate.



How much Medicare will cover

Medicare Rebates are applicable for many services. We often process these instantly, crediting your account on the same day.

For certain services, please allow 2-5 working days for the rebate processing.



How much you will pay for the service

Your out-of-pocket cost is the balance after deducting the Medicare rebate from the initial fee for your GP's service.

Medicare Safety Net Thresholds

Table of Medicare Benefits

Check the government’s medicare website for the latest information shown in the table below to get the most accurate data relating to your situation.

ThresholdsThreshold amountWho it's forWhat counts towards the thresholdWhat benefit you'll get back
Original Medicare Safety Net (OMSN)$495.60Everyone in MedicareYour gap amount for the calendar year.100% of the schedule fee for out of hospital services.
Extended Medicare Safety Net (EMSN) - General$2,249.80Everyone in MedicareYour out of pocket amount for the calendar year.80% of out of pocket costs or the EMSN benefit caps for out of hospital services.
Extended Medicare Safety Net (EMSN) - Concessional and Family Tax Benefit Part A$717.90Concession cardholders and families eligible for Family Tax Benefit Part AYour out of pocket amount for the calendar year.80% of out of pocket costs or the EMSN benefit caps for out of hospital services.