Mole Mapping

What is Mole Mapping?

Mole Mapping is a non-invasive diagnostic tool used to evaluate and screen the skin, particularly moles and freckles to aid in the early detection of melanoma and or other skin lesions.

Our Mole Map equipment is used to capture high quality digital images of the skin’s surface to achieve a thorough full body skin check. These images are then reviewed by your Doctor to determine any skin changes or abnormalities. All Mole Mapping images are recorded and saved to compare lesions upon follow up / annual appointments. All information collected and saved is bound by our privacy policy. A copy is available at front reception.

Mole Mapping is not 100% effective in detecting melanomas and other skin lesions. Regular self skin examination is still recommended, however Mole Mapping aids in the earlier detection of potential lesions, and facilitates a thorough skin examination.

Annual Mole Map screening is recommended every 12 months to review existing moles, skin lesions or any other skin changes. Review appointments may also be recommended by your doctor to closely monitor existing suspicious lesions and or moles.

What is involved during a Mole Mapping Appointment?

Mole Mapping is conducted at our Eltham Clinic. You will be seen by a Doctor and the Mole Mapping Technician. At the commencement of your appointment the Mole Map technician will ask you to fill out a dermatological history and consent form.

Appointment requirements

  • Make up to be removed prior to appointment
  • Fake tan to be removed prior to appointment
  • Jewellery to be removed prior to appointment
  • Hair to be tied up prior to appointment
  • You will be asked to remove your outer clothing, and don procedure gown provided by NRMC clinic. If you have any lesions, moles or areas of concern underneath your underwear please notify the Mole Map Technician.
  • The scalp and genital area are not part of the screening process, although if you do have a lesion/mole within these areas you would like to have screened, notify the Mole Map technician and these areas can be added to your screening.
  • You are more than welcome to bring a spouse, partner, parent or friend along with you to your appointment.
  • If the patient is 16 years or younger, a parent or legal guardian must be present throughout the appointment.
  • Mole Mapping will take approximately 60 minutes with the Mole Map Technician. You will then be required to return for a follow up appointment with your Doctor no later than 4 weeks post your Mole Map Screening, to review your results. As mentioned earlier you will be required to return for a follow up appointment with your Doctor to review your Mole Map Screening results. If your Mole Map Screening results indicate a biopsy or an excision is required you will be referred to our Procedure clinic. Your Doctor will inform you of this process and any associated costs. Mole Map Screening will incur a charge of $250, which is not refundable by Medicare. The review appointment for the results (on a separate day) will be bulk billed.

In summary, for the Mole mapping screening service, including the review appointment for the results the total out of pocket fee will be $250. The doctor’s consultation (if seen on the same day) is fully claimable by Medicare.

How much will Mole Mapping screening cost?

If you have been referred by your local GP to our clinic you are still required to make an appointment with a Nillumbik Medical Centre Doctor to receive your results and receive a disk copy of your images.